Friday, September 15, 2017

Are You Sober X Don’t Think I Am: Sleeping at 4 AM

it’s crazy

yo i just finish work

at 4 AM in the morning

like wth right and

best of all

it’s only a minor task


firstly i got frustrated

when i clicked open the file

and realized that there were

way more to be done than expected


damn it.. looked like

i underestimated again and

worst part of all

this is a job with quotation

i.e. i will be underpaid for it

for the amount of time spent


so i decided to finish it at one go

instead of leaving it until tomorrow

because my dad is around tomorrow

so i just wanna hang out and

have some breakfast and loitering


there were many occasions that

i didn’t get to have breakfast

as promised as i was busy with

work that could had been done

on the night before


so i just wanna leave tomorrow

free and easy

at least not until

other jobs come in


and i can also focus on

packing some nice clothes

for my island vacation




well on top of that

another reason i stayed up so late

was because i drank tea

lots of tea before bed time


so i was sitting down and

started blogging

well i might as well

finish my work and

do the blogging tomorrow?


and i opened FB

at this hour and saw

it was my distant nephew’s birthday

so i dropped him a short PM

like at this hour of the day

well.. better than

totally forgetting about it later


then now

i am heading to bed


i did a pretty simple deduction

on Tuesday night i slept at 2 AM

on Wednesday night i slept at 8:30 PM

on Thursday night i Slept at 4:10 AM

so on Friday night??


i am going to sleep super early

and i am going to be all pumped up

for my afternoon flight on Saturday

and stay up really late on

our first night at Krabi


that sounds good for me


provided that

no other super urgent task

comes in and messes up my weekend


well there’s in fact a pending task

but i think it’s quite manageable

if i bring loads tea bags along


till then

well i am obviously

talking to myself right now

as there’s nobody to talk to


this time round

packing is going to get real smooth

as i have bought a new laptop sleeve

a few new pouches to choose from

a few pairs of new bikinis


and of course

the hardest decision of all

is always none other than

which pair of sneakers to wear


i can go on and on

if nobody stops me

but first

let me get some sleep

staying up late is

bad for an old woman like me


i should have woke up at 4

instead of sleeping at 4


yeah sometimes i do

i do wake up at 4 sometimes

but that’s a very rare case

no i hardly sleep at 4

but it does happen sometimes



help me please


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