Saturday, September 9, 2017

Jingle Bells2 X Parcels on The Way 03: Tibetan Bracelets


Order Date Item From Remark
1 27 Aug

adidas Originals Rita

Shopper bag

ASOS As birthday gift
2 3 Sep Skin care Watsons Got it yesterday
3 5 Sep

Tibetan bracelets

X 3



Birthday gift X 1

For mom X 1

Myself X 1(bonus)

4 8 Sep

Peanuts X LeSportSac

Lily Wallet


I swear it was an


5 8 Sep

Herschel Anchor 15

laptop sleeve


Yet another accident

Along with groceries

6 9 Sep

Skechers Washington

Walla-walla slip on

11street For mom


i don’t know since when

i come across this site

but i think it’s a sponsored post

since i have been following some

pages related to Tibet


since then

they have been stalking me

everywhere i go thanks to cookies




and i finally checked out

when they offered 15% during

Labour Day



which consists of three items



the primary reason (excuse)

a distant niece of mine

has been asking me to hang out

we did once… for a movie


i feel kinda guilty that i can’t

as she has been sending me

invitation to different types of activities

like concert, art & craft, voluntary,

financial talk, outskirt getaway

there are 10001 reasons why i can’t

to sum it up, i am too anti-social


so i decided to get her something

and her birthday happened to be coming soon

so it doesn’t look too awkward

like suddenly giving her something



have to buy at least USD 50

to qualify for free shipping

so i decided to get something for my mom

well i can’t afford jade and whatsoever



then i guess it sounds appropriate

to get myself something

i am not an accessory person

the one i got from Wong Tai Sin

was broken, the string

so i am left with zero

this is not too much right

so i got this



instead of this

after asking my advisor



i guess it’s going to take awhile

they said so



as long as it arrives

in time for her birthday

that would be early October


oh no

my niece’s birthday is coming up real soon

am buying birthday present for a distant niece

whose birthday is on early October


and i have got nothing for

the niece i am staying under one roof with

whose birthday is coming up real soon


you have no idea

i got really disappointed with her

that i am not even planning


there are times that i feel

every penny and minute spent on her

every single effort is sheer waste


if i used to say that

the one reason i might consider

about marriage one day is because of

i want kids of my own


and now thanks to her

the first reason that

i won’t ever get married is

i afraid i end up with kids like them (her)


that’s how bad it is

life’s short

why bothered to be troubled


other parcels on the way

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Jingle Bells2 X Parcels on The Way 02: Rita Shopper

Jingle Bells2 X Parcels on The Way 04: Peanuts LeSportSac Wallet

Jingle Bells2 X Parcels on The Way 05: Herschel Anchor Laptop Sleeve

Jingle Bells2 X Parcels on The Way 06: Skechers Washington Walla2


as expected

the parcel arrived the latest

so it got here on Sept 27

a normal package from Beijing

to my disappointment, actually

like minimum spending is USD 50

Kundalini Spirit


and stunningly

there were only two bracelets

instead of three

Kundalini Spirit


i wasn’t even sure if

i have ordered 2 or 3

so i ended up

i sent them my PayPal receipt

yup there wasn’t any proper receipt


and they assured me that

the other one is on the way

okay let’s see

how long will it take


i mean they should have

dropped a note

or they simply

forgot to place the item


sorry i have accumulated

too much negative grudges

from my negative experience

throughout the month


i am nevertheless

satisfied with the product

it has the galaxy feel

Kundalini Spirit


and it fits well

this is size 2” based on

wrist measurement guideline

as provided

Kundalini Spirit


the colourful one is a gift

so i didn’t actually open it

but the pouch will work perfectly

as a gift package


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