Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Lovely Krabi 09: Pre-Departure Note

we reached here by 10:30 AM

it only took us 30 minute

as the traffic was good

and we was taking a van

instead of bus

and there was only one pick-up after us


our flight is scheduled at 2:25, though

a few more hours to kill

Krabi Airport


but i don’t mind

it’s better to reach earlier than

rushing really last minute


my travel mate is surveying souvenir

although we have decided to

take different paths

as we have totally different paces


even in the room

i always hang out at the balcony

as she has to turn off all light

in order for her to sleep


i am cool about hanging out outside

but the glass door must be

completely shut in order for the

air-con to be turned on


so we were basically

secluded from each other

basically most of the time


and we take turns to go out too

because it’s easier that way

she takes her time to shop

i have zero budget for shopping

and i really can’t get used to

how she is being so picky


and she was applying something

either the green ointment for

her fall in McDonald’s

aloe vera gel for her sensitive skin or

cocoa butter for her equally dry skin


even during outing

she was always with her umbrella

or under the shades

while i was always trying to

get more sun


at one point

it was so awkward that

she was trying to talk to

other fellow travelers

yeah basically we are almost like

two strangers who just met

simply because we rode the same van


but i have tried to talk things out

neither are good nor bad

it’s just that we are simply different

so there’s no way

we can travel together

not to mention staying

under the same roof


and i got frustrated

when i was trying hard to

entertain her but nothing seemed to work

so i got turned off and

choose to go on silence mode


but to wrap up

it was overall a good trip

the people are nice

the hotel is good

everything goes on smoothly

so i absolutely have no complaint


except being drifted apart

instead of closer with her


kinda expect this to happen


it feels kinda childish

unfriending someone at this age

but i am nevertheless alright


people come and leave

for a reason

she is never really present

except being a hostel neighbor

for a year way back during pre-U


so instead of coming and leaving

this is more of like a crash course on

how you shouldn’t travel

with person you are not completely

acquainted with


thank goodness

the hotel was pretty good

or i can’t imagine what

would have happened


cheers to the balcony

which provides good view

on top of saving me from

all the awkwardness being

stuck in the room


and the weather was pretty good as in

the two day outings were sunny

it rained on the mornings

we were about to start exploring


also, before we left

no harm done

rain rain go away


i might come back again

not sure when though

and i receive some information

about Moomin invasion in Bangkok that

it almost tempted me to go

like seriously


oh crap

flight has been delayed to 3:25 PM

and guess what

Google was telling me

way earlier before

i received confirmed info

via email and SMS

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