Monday, August 28, 2017

Forced to Read X But Pleasantly: In-flight Magazine

8:00 AM

flight delayed :/


10:56 AM

are we there yet??

i have finished reading

the whole copy of

in-flight magazine


but seriously

it’s such a pleasure to read

AirAsia’s travel3Sixty

that i finish reading

every single issue

whenever i am flying with them



i mean these days

with interruption from the internet and

anything to do with the Internet

from social media, online shopping to

instant messaging


i find it really hard to concentrate

reading for long duration

so being stranded without Internet

actually forces me to read


not to mention

the content is pretty

relevant and helpful

so i don’t mind really


at times i even snap photos

of good articles from the magazine

e.g. photography, travel tips

and the city summary pages

Busan is on the list, now



it’s end of August

and i will get to read a new issue

on my way back, right?


oh no

suddenly disappointed by the fact that

i’ll not be travelling with AirAsia

on my way back during September


oh no

it’s only 11:04 AM

you mean only less than 10 minutes

has passed since i started writing this


the shortcoming of

flying on a Monday morning

i am too pumped up

to do something


what Monday blue?

me never suffer from that

i hope my boss is reading this

and will present me with an

employee of the year award??


i am my own boss now

so am i suppose to reward myself

with something??


i was busily snapping this

to send to a friend of mine

who is a Hello Kitty freak



i hope nobody caught me

doing this

because it’s damn embarrassing

of all things you could have snapped



11:15 AM

finally the captain is speaking



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