Thursday, August 10, 2017

Me & My Huawei P10+ 07: Camera for Sunday Walkabout

so this is the 7th post

and there are more to come

i wouldn’t have written so much

if i were to upgrade from

an iPhone to another


maybe just one or two

on the shopping process

and that’s it

that’s a plus point about

making a change

i guess


so i took it out for a walk

on a Sunday evening

breezy and not sunny

perfect weather for a walk

but not really for photography


will take it as a test then

if the camera works fine

with such weather

then it shall qualify as a

point and shot for travelling


basically throwing two stones

with one bird

i mean throwing two birds

with one stone


while trying to achieve

the first 10k steps in a day

which ultimately failed


i was close…

after adding the 3k steps

from the grocery shopping

in the morning


yeah we literally walk around here

at least once or twice in a week

pretending to be tourists

more so when i started to

snap away as if it’s my first time here


this is the Independence Museum

i have not entered a single museum

in this city

ironically i insist on

going to at least one museum

for any city i travel to

Malacca with a Huawei P10 Plus


the fabrication of history

and the canons are aiming at

the busy street across the river

instead of the open sea

Malacca with a Huawei P10 Plus


the reason why

we didn’t and never will

achieve 10k steps is

we ended up finding a corner and

looking at the world goes round

as always

Malacca with a Huawei P10 Plus*

Malacca with a Huawei P10 Plus


gosh he must be feeling quite

sad and lonely and empty

General Cheng Ho

i am supposedly familiar with him

for three generations

we have been staying at this road

named after him

Malacca with a Huawei P10 Plus


we used to meet a little monkey

or two here

not anymore

Malacca with a Huawei P10 Plus


snapped this to show that

i am able to handle a plus size phone

with one hand

let’s say you wanna

take a photo of an ice cream or drink

with an iconic building in the background

it’s quite manageable, still

Malacca with a Huawei P10 Plus


no worries if you can’t

since there’s a mini screen mode

to slice the screen to 3/4

of the full screen


this place looks golden

during sunset on a sunny day

not today

Malacca with a Huawei P10 PlusMalacca with a Huawei P10 Plus*

we come here so often that

we are acquainted with the

souvenir and drink sellers along the path

Malacca with a Huawei P10 PlusMalacca with a Huawei P10 PlusMalacca with a Huawei P10 PlusMalacca with a Huawei P10 Plus


i am going on Instagram now

to see how many people actually

upload photos with this tag

but it’s a good way to promote

this area of ours which is

hardly known by its name

Malacca with a Huawei P10 Plus


holy crab

i ended in Mango

all of the sudden

when i spotted that

Bugs Bunny pullover

the shot is quite shaky

i must be that excited

Mango Bugs Bunny


i always wanted to buy

last piece, though

i hid it by shifting

to the end

not sure if it’s still there

4 days have passed

and i haven’t got the time

to go check it out still


walking 10k steps

is pretty much ruined

with a heavy dinner

mee hoon kuih x satay x lime juice with sour plum


life is good

in a small city like this

can’t describe why but


for me happiness

when it comes to food

is not about going far and wide

hunting for exquisite food


it’s all about

having that favourite place

that not many people know

and you already have in mind

about what to order

even before entering

served hot by the crew

you are familiar with

and it tastes good as usual


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