Monday, August 28, 2017

Bought Anyway X Not Knowing How to Wear’Em: Bikinis from H&M

10 AM

flight has been delayed

for 1+ hour

i hope it has nothing to do with

bad weather due to typhoon


or i would have touched down

or almost by now


is almost quite energetic to start the day

but kinda stranded here


so i would continue on to

blog about the things that

i am supposed to

over the weekend


Friday evening

walked into H&M

passed by there almost

every two days or so

but make it a habit

not to enter

unless i have something to buy


and the previous time

i entered was like 2-3 months ago

and i ended up buying child sneakers

pajamas and dress for the kids


by the way

good news for those with small feet



their shoes size

go as large as 38

even i can fit in

although it’s not comfy

so i ended up buying for my niece



in reality the place was like



so that was June 9th

and for more than two months

i have never stepped foot into H&M

despite passing by pretty often


then last week

my BFF showed me

the bikinis she looted from H&M


it kinda tempted me

because i have been wearing

the same pair of Roxy

over and over again for

my island vacations


and i lost a pair of Rip Curl

all black which deeply saddened me

left it on a train along with

some other stuff of mine

during last day of college


and i have decided that

i will never go for these surfing brands

for the time being

although i have been eyeing at

some Billabong on Zalora


simply because

i wear them like so little

so i’ll go for fast fashion


found this at H&M

super duper cheap

and i was thinking the

possibility of wearing it inside out



and even this way

if i can find a way

to fasten the knot in the middle

in the position

with a plastic tie, ring or

even sew it up with thread



as compared to the previous one

i fell in love with this piece

in spite of the fact that red is

not really my kind of color

because of the vintage design

and unlike bandeau bikini

this is super duper secure

like you can even wear it

as a cropped top, maybe



and this dark colour bikini bottom

which i thought go pretty well with the

bandeau bikini top

no? the symmetrical print?



and yeah

i have no idea i ended up buying this

when i saw it at the counter

was thinking to stuff everything in

in case they didn’t have paper bag

but they do have

H&M Conscious


looks like the completely bag-free

campaign doesn’t really work

because Cotton On used to make

buyers get their woven tote bags too

and bio-degradable plastic bag was for sale

for a minimum amount

but now they are offering

these plastic bags for free

without even asking


but first

i have to get my bikini body ready

before i can actually wear these out

without being body shamed


also found this pair of TRF denim shorts

mid rise, size 36

managed to fit in

with layers of muffin top though



i need to figure something out

i mean work something out

i mean work out something

so that these pairs of shorts, bikinis

and what so ever

will look good again on me



less than 3 weeks

from my Krabi trip and

i am heading to Canton

the province known for

food and more food for a week


and 2 weeks later

i finally found some

All Black X All Safe: More Bikinis from Terranova

to pair them up with yays

Bikini from Terranova & H&MBikini from Terranova & H&MBikini from Terranova & H&M


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