Friday, August 4, 2017

Wasn’t Shopping X Just Kinda Short of Shorts : 5 at One Shot

i am looking for shorts

those everyday active shorts

with easy to wash material

because some of mine were

pretty worn out


some are getting

ridiculously expensive

so i have to look around

found one at Cotton On

under Cotton On Active (COAR)


then i got this

in the morning

adidas Online additional 40% off


so i clicked in

didn’t really hold high expectation

because you need not 1, 2, 3…

but 5 apparels and/or bags


that’s kinda tough

at time they do not have

that many marked-down items

at time items are out of sizes


but looks like I am in luck

i managed to find 5 different designs

and not out of sizes

adidas Online additional 40% offadidas Online additional 40% off


two of the items are marked with

only 1 left in stock

yes in fact i added a pair of

men shorts for my dad

and it was out of stock

so i have to

check out real fast


and best of all

the minimum spending

for free shipping is 330

and it’s based on subtotal

instead of nett spending

adidas Online additional 40% off


i only went through

the items carefully

after placing order


thank goodness

although 3 pairs come

under the same series, m10

there is no repeating colour 

well what’s more can you ask for

a pair for less than 50 MYR

adidas M10 Graphic Shortsadidas M10 Energized Cooler Shortsadidas M10 Energized Cooler Shortsadidas Woven Slit Shortsadidas Response Shorts


ordered on a Friday

and on the next Wednesday

i received the first batch

they did state in the tracking email

that they were going to dispatch

the shorts in two batches

adidas Shorts


not sure if they were running out of stock

or they really wanna send me quick

as i must be quite desperately in need

by ordering 5 pairs at one shot


super duper comfie

as especially when

i happened to be wearing

a pair of two layered shorts

that kind with tight-material

as the inner layer


that’s my first and

probably the last pair


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