Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Shopping for Daddy : Like a Boyfie: Fred Perry

befriended a private seller

didn’t know since when we did

but frankly speaking


i am really into

guys who wear FP like

those who wear one

will significantly have a

more positive rating

as compare to those who don’t

other factors remaining the same


and i did dated someone like that

and and at the same time

did hang out with a so-called

skinny skinhead who

exposed me to more


yesterday morning

suddenly i made am impulse purchase

when these were on clearance

PM-ed the seller to ask if

these were still available

and made a transfer within a hour


it felt nice to deal this way sometimes

and usually people will address me

as bro and i make no attempt

to rectify them



so efficient

the parcel already arrived

when i was back from breakfast



there you go

Fred Perry Shirts


refused to tell them the price



3 weeks later

on 16 September

was on my way to the airport

then saw the seller posting about

clearance sales in conjunction with

Malaysia Day


best of all

they had all the

basic colors I have in mind

i mean i always wanted

to buy for my boyfriend


but too bad

i don’t have one

so i bought for my daddy

and why not another set

for myself


so i actually

did the payment transfer

in the airport train

and got these babies

when i got home days later

Fred Perry shirt


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