Sunday, August 6, 2017

Me & My Huawei P10+ 05: From iOS to Android

This was one of my major concern

during decision making


but it appeared to be

not really a huge issue

not sure if it’s because

Huawei is user-friendly

and it’s said to be

highly similar to an iPhone


it could be also due to the fact that

I am actually getting familiar

with Android while

helping my mom to figure out

stuff on her phone or


both are actually getting

more and more similar


the first thing i did was to

customize the home screen

to look similar with my iPhone’s

by removing the widgets



so it actually looks like this

after getting the

weather and Google widgets removed



then it comes to music

i thought i could download Apple Music

sign in and re-download whatever

i have purchased from iPhone

it appears that Apple Music

doesn’t work the way it is

it’s more like a subscription app

similar to Spotify and etc


so i Googled and performed

a quite “dumb” way of

moving the files manually

out of iTunes on desktop

to a new folder and

moved them into the new device

it nevertheless worked

and there was a pop-up

asking for format conversion


screen capture

is pretty important for me

the shortcut key on Huawei is

to hold volume down + power


and there are

actually two other ways to do it


double tap on knuckle

and screenshot button on the

shortcut menu on top


there are more to figure out

haven’t found an equivalent to iBooks


haven’t figure out if I can

standardize the Emoji

to use the same set

as the one available on iOS

which is currently only available

in Whatsapp


white the built-in Emoji for Android

looks like this

i heard they are going to standardize

so that Emoji looks the same as above




with iOS

the home button is an essential

so when i was trying on a certain

Android model without it

i was like wth how i can go around

maneuvering this phone when

i don’t even know how to

get back to the main screen


however with my Huawei

i was quite comfortable with

the three on-screen buttons

that the home button is almost

redundant, seriously


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