Sunday, August 13, 2017

SoleWhat Flash Sale: So What?: So I Ended up Buying…

on Thursday night

i saw the post that

they are having a flash sale

30% off for all Nike and adidas

on Friday


was wondering if

i should stay up until 12 AM

to see if there is anything good

but i felt asleep anyway


and i didn’t really check out

as i was kept busy

at another shopping site

on Friday


they deleted the post

by the way

simply because…


on Saturday

they add another 10%

SoleWhat Flash Sales


and i took interest in these

SoleWhat Flash SalesSoleWhat Flash Sales


yeah the promo code works

SoleWhat Flash Sales


the first pair in the list

is a pair of Peanuts X Vans

launched way back

but i decided not to proceed

as i am not going to wear anyway

and size 6 is kinda small

my Vans are US 7


i went to check out my sneakers

to confirm the size for my

Air Max and Stan Smith

and yeah they are quite dirty

and i think i deserve new pairs


and my sis has been borrowing

Stan Smith from me

so i am sure she will benefit

if i were to get a new pair




don’t tell anyone i dirty them

on purpose



i thought i am good

by proceeding with

Air Max and Stan Smith only

so i wanted to check out

with the two


to discover that

the payment system is kinda funny

they directed me to PayPal

i logged in to PayPal

but was not allowed to

use my PayPal balance

was directed to card details

SoleWhat Flash Sales


this is somehow un-user-friendly

most shopping sites already allow

direct internet banking

and local payment company

why taking the trouble to

go through PayPal

and yet using PayPal credit

is not even an option


so i put it on hold

thank goodness i did

when i re-opened on a laptop

to see if they offer other

payment method


i realized that

it was all wrong to

order Air Max at 6.5

as that’s US Women’s

which is way different

from UK 6.5


so i re-checked Air Max

and guess i have to give up

as they are left with

US Women 6.5 only


so i went on to check out the rest

and ended u finding Air Presto

i have always been impressed

by the design of Air Presto

and it seems to make a good pair

for travelling without being afraid

of the dirt, mud and so on

as compared to my usual whites

SoleWhat Flash Sales


i can’t get the calculation right

40% off Stan Smith

and it doesn’t include Air Presto

as it’s already discounted

why are they taking 271.60 off

anyway just shut up and take my money

because 427.40 is my birthday


SoleWhat Flash Sales


i checked out anyway

in spite of the un-user-friendly

payment method via PayPal


oh gosh

i checked out Stan Smith

in the fist place because

one of our member in

Carly at the Unicorns

are without a pair


so i was telling her

to grab hers there


i ended up getting a pair

and no i mean two


then i told another friend

of my about the sale

she is my usual shopping mate

so she was asking

what if the offer 50% the next day


i said it depends on your luck then

if the sizes are still available

true to her word

oh my

i wouldn’t wanna check

i hope mine are out of size

by now

SoleWhat Flash Sales


i am thankful enough for

getting two pairs at

less than 500 MYR



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