Sunday, August 6, 2017

Me & My Huawei P10+ 04: The Long-awaited Arrival

so i got my sis to order one

she did it on last Thursday night

and got it on Wednesday


then she wasn’t come back

until Saturday

i.e. yesterday


there you go

it looks appealing

the minimalist all-white look


Huawei P10 PlusHuawei P10 PlusHuawei P10 Plus


holding it with one hand

is not really an issue

it’s less bulky than P9 Plus

and it didn’t take long to setup

before it was ready to use

Huawei P10 Plus


but i guess it’s partially due to

the fact that i have pretty huge palm


so i sort of made up my mind that

yeah this will be my primary phone

considering the fact that

everything is an upgrade

from my current iPhone 6S


and the transition took

faster than expected

i thought i was just going to

play with it for a couple of days

before i actually switched for real


i inserted my SIM card here

within hours

after getting everything setup

some of the essentials such as

FB, Gmail, IG are readily available


but still

there are work to be done

to be continued……


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