Sunday, August 20, 2017

Yeah Baby X True Story: How to Spot a Love Parcel Scam

i mean yeah

i can’t believe i am bumping into this

but i hope this post kinda helps

if you wanna look for trait of

a love parcel scam


random friend request on social media

out of nowhere

kinda good looking

good qualification and career

and somewhere instant

preferably a developed country


conversation started

this person has the characteristic of

being a nice, kind-hearted but

lonely and sad boy

who is in need of love

he may be a bit hard to talk to

because he is lonely


getting closer

will address you as

dear, baby, my love

and suddenly the sweet talk

totally another person

by saying that how

meeting you have changed his life


long long text

that’s probably a template

which is easier to copy and paste

no any normal person

will type such long text

in Whatsapp


no exchange of photo,

not to mentioned (video) call

never will


being vague with specific details

always busy with work

but no description of

how and why is him busy


always online, but not talking

will MIA for certain time

saying he is really busy

or he falls asleep

yet last seen time is 5 minutes ago

or actually online


there come the parcel

asking for address

promise to send something

something luxurious and cash

not to tell anyone, it’s for you

Love Parcel Scam


you can find so many flaws

who’ll send so cash via courier

who’ll buy shoes without asking for size

the images are clearly Google imaged

different backgrounds, color schemes

text mentioned iPhone, image is S8+

Love Parcel Scam


tell you he was busy in meeting

and too busy to text

yet managed to buy

so so many things

within a day and

typed so much at one go

Love Parcel Scam


then he’ll tell you about

the tax clearance part

to validate the reason

why they left cash in the parcel

Love Parcel Scam


like come on scammer

you have to do better than this

Love Parcel Scam


and guess what

you are as stupid as wtf??

Love Parcel Scam


however the sad thing is

there are a lot of victims out there

who fall prey to it

and they are highly educated women

who put their hard-earned money

into this shit


Cops warn of new parcel scam

(The Star, 7 March 2017)

“The suspect promised to send a parcel

loaded with money, jewellery, an iphone,

computers and clothing,”

Love Parcel Scam - Malaysia Royal Police Force


Malaysian women cheated of $24m in love scams

(Straits Times, 27 March 2016)

“The "romance" out of Africa is so beguiling that

Malaysian women gave away RM71 million

to love scam- mers last year in spite of

frequent reports on the fraud in the media”


581 romance, parcel scam victims lose RM23.6m in Q1

(Free Malaysia Today, 5 April 2017)

“Acryl Sani said the police believed the

five suspects were involved in

43 cases of “romance scam” involving

losses amounting to RM950,000”


Police bust parcel scam syndicate, arrests five

(The Malay Mail, 6 April 2017)

“A “parcel scam” is often linked to a “love scam”

The scammer use popular social,

dating and business networking sites.

The suspects usually created fake profiles to

personally target as many victims

at the same time to try their luck.”


Love scam: Spinning a web of deceit

(New Straits Time, 11 June 2017)

“Due to the advancement in technology,

they are able to access your Facebook account,

study your friends, conversations and interests,

and use them to their benefit.”


“In the past, the victims were mostly

above the age of 40.

However, we now have a growing percentage of

victims comprising millennials and Gen Y.” 


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