Monday, August 21, 2017

Four Bralettes X Off-Shoulder: The Cotton On Shoppers

last Saturday with my dad

was at Cotton On

because I need some bralettes

for my upcoming trips


but didn’t manage to buy anything

because i actually realized

i left my wallet at home and

it felt kinda funny to ask from my dad


last Sunday with my fellow shopper

a long-awaited weekend routine


it’s funny how

these days when we meet up for shopping

half of the time we are actually talking

about online shopping


and i was telling her

how i always fail to order

from Cotton On online because

i find it hard to reach the

minimum spending at 200 MYR


and there are always

in-store sales and

you get to try things on


and i managed to find two

really nice one

from the one i bought last year

the variety offered has been improved

so there are more types

other than lace bralette


this is from Cotton On Body Premium

scallop design with racer back



we were having so much time

giggling in the fitting room

as i demonstrated to my

fellow shopper

on wearing a bralette

with boyfriend shirt

during night out at his place


yeah i have the picture

but i am not showing it here

well i just met a online love scammer

and my ex bf might be reading

because he asked me to

delete all the posts

to do with him

both happened yesterday

FML to the max


and how my fellow shopper

got mad when i fitted in L

while it’s too big for her


thank goodness

nobody was there

because these are actually

common fitting rooms

for both genders


with these bralettes

that look like crop top

i can finally stop wearing

another tank top under

my oversized top like this



since i am posting picture

i’ll just use the one

i found online

and of course

they look much better

on the models too


this Saturday with my dad

i didn’t forget about my wallet today

and so i went into Cotton On again

because 3 is a ideal quantity

for any travel

1 for wearing

1 for washing

1 for drying


oh man further mark down

individual item is for 30 MYR still

so i got two for 60 MYR last week

but this week 2 are for 50 MYR

well.. i actually needed one



so i ended up buying two pairs

and also this pair of top

i saw last week

but was too lazy to try



and also

this pair of off-shoulder dress

this is a two-way off shoulder

well.. again

hahaha i think it’ll look good

with the new bralettes



this Sunday with my fellow shopper

we were too tired to shop

spent hours sitting at a cafe

and Cotton On was the only

clothing store we entered

zero loot, though


to sum up the story

within 4 trips to Cotton On

over 2 Saturday and Sundays

i bought 4 bralettes


Scallop crop

Cotton On Luxe Scallop Crop 02Cotton On Luxe Scallop Crop 01


and this one

which corresponds well

with the purpose of me

buying bralettes

which actually looks

more like a bikini top

and it’s padded

Cotton On Vacation BraletteCotton On Vacation Bralette 2


and this one

i think this is the type

that can be worn with

a white top underneath

but that’s definitely not

something i am going to try

Cotton On Cindy Wirefree BraletteCotton On Cindy Wirefree Bralette 2


this is super duperly lacey

and i am still thinking if

i wanna trim the edge away

i probably will

Cotton On Lace Edge BraletteCotton On Lace Edge Bralette 02


end of story

time to go to bed

i was so tired today that

i arrived 30 minutes late

because i overslept


life is good

when you focus on

earning money on weekdays and

spending it the way you like

with the people you enjoy

on weekend

even if they have cooler kicks

than yours

Keds vs Puma Basket Heart

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