Friday, August 11, 2017

Me & My Huawei P10+ 08: One-Week Verdict

(1) the home button

which was pretty redundant

when i first got the phone

since i was always using the

three on-screen buttons

which consists of

-back – home – recent apps

Huawei P10 Plus 3 buttons


when i was about to be

quite used to the 3 buttons

and the redundant home button


they was a system update yesterday

suddenly the 3 buttons were gone

all three functions are being

replaced by the home button

Huawei P10 Plus home button gesture


gosh i just got used to

living without a home button


and so it’s a totally opposite situation

i am trying to learn to

adapt to the life without

the 3 on-screen buttons

and rely solely on the home button

just like good old iOS



it’s a best of both world situation

when i realize that

i actually get to choose

whichever way i want to

and now i would say that

i shall go for virtual navigation bar

i.e. the 3 on-screen buttons



oh wait you can even

choose a 4-button bar

which consists of shortcut menu

but for the time being

i am good with the 3-button bar



(2) the built-in music player

is pretty good

well since it’s quite a simple app

the background colour within a playlist

changes according to the album cover

Huawei Music PlayerHuawei Music PlayerHuawei Music Player


so is the background on lock screen

Huawei Music PlayerHuawei Music PlayerHuawei Music Player


(3) the earphone

the earphones work fine

and thank goodness it’s

earbud instead of in-ear


and after the recent system update

i was reminded that

it also allows song skipping

on the volume control key

it works similarly as Apple’s

no i mean the previous non-wireless


(4) App purchase

bought my very first app

it’s to upgrade a dictionary app

to get rid of the ad which

occupies the whole screen

and lasts about 5 secs


so this is officially

my first app purchase

good thing that they allow

billing via your telco

iOS is not offering the same

not that i aware of


so i can actually pay really fast

and i can get rid of

the large amount of

credit i have accumulated

since i am really a light user

when it comes to phone service


(5) Issues so far?

my Hiboard

similar to the widget screen on iOS

is not loading

all i have is app suggestion

i wish i can load the weather here

Huawei Hiboard


(5) Facebook app

is kinda unstable

it force exits sometimes

after scrolling for not really

that long time


and when you are scrolling through

and stop to read a certain post

instead of stopping at

right where you stop scrolling


it tends to jerk

and stops a bit lower

than your original position

to display the search bar on top


not a major issue

but it’s kinda unsmooth

so for the time being

i prefer browsing Facebook

on Chrome instead on app


the main point i wanna share

for this post is all about

ebook reader and built-in dictionary

since i was struggling to find one

which is close to iBooks


but it turned out to be

quite a long discussion

that i decided to

compile it as a

fresh post on its own


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