Saturday, October 25, 2014

Stephelle’s Kitchen: Thai Sweet n’ Sour Salad

salad sauce with

base of plain yogurt and

Thai Heritage hot & sour sauce

what a lie

nothing close to being hot

it’s sweet & sour, alright

Thai Sweet n’ Sour Salad


I guess the sauce can be

easily homemade with

red and green chilies

coriander and garlic 

vinegar and sugar  


by the way

I still can’t tell the difference

between coriander and cilantro


according to Wiki

Cilantro is simply the

Spanish word for coriander

while according to

seed of cilantro is

known as coriander

which is used as dried herb


by the way

cilantro is also called

Chinese parsley


so what’s the difference between

parsley and cilantro


as far as I know

certain sects of

buddhist vegetarian really

make the strict difference

whereby one is edible while

the other is not

which is which then?


where were we?

okay the salad is kinda appetizing

hooray bingo and bye

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