Sunday, October 12, 2014

PONY X Saucony: Got’em, Finally

Friday night

on Instagram’s newsfeed

saw my Bro, Kecik followed

4 news pages including

GoPro and Krustykicksto 


erm the name attracted me to

check out the profile

because of the keyword “KICK”


and recently happened to nickname

a friend in our circle “Krusty”

due to his previous hair

which was similar to

Krusty the Crown


hence I clicked in

wow so many pairs of Saucony

Pre-loved Saucony JAZZ Low pro


so my Bro has been trying to

get ahead of me by

grabbing a pair of Saucony

before I do


I immediately dropped Krusty

a Whatsapp because

there happened to be a pair of

Jazz Low Pro, my size, 39!!




he said that the item

has been taken by another buyer

erm.. no luck then


I told my Bro about it

he was agitated that

I found the page

who cares and


what the heck

the pair I wanted for

was actually bought by him



and he actually said that

even if size 39 does fit

he would rather keep the pair

as collection instead of

reselling them to me


just my luck to

have this kind of Bro


there was another pair

navy-white but

40.5 is a little huge for me

I guess…



until Saturday morning

the seller released another pair

at size 39 too

according to him

last minute cancellation of order


I paid and

he posted both pairs together

so we are gonna receive

two pair of Saucony Jazz Pro

in navy-silver, size 39


this is the first time

I am buying pre-loved sneakers

hope it turns out fine

SAUCONY Jazz Low Pro Navy-Silver


by the way

during the middle of the week

we have just ordered some PONY

4 persons, one pair each

PONY sneaker order on MySale


I can imagine

when the parcel gets here

it should be quite bulky



the two labels of sneakers

which I have always wanted to

add to the little collection of mine

are finally roped in

within this week


*high five*

and by the way, Steph

you totally have got

no excuse to shop and ship

anymore this year


PONY top star ox

ox = low

Pony Topstar Ox Leather Trainers White Blue

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