Sunday, October 12, 2014

Stephelle’s Kitchen: Sushi Maker-Rice Cooker?

I must be craving for sushi

that badly that I bought this

sushi maker


basically it’s a mold

where sushi can be made

without the bamboo mat

can be shaped according to

the shape of the mold

which also include

heart-shaped.. ewww

and can be pressed

and the ridges are for

cutting the sushi evenly 

sushi maker


so I went scouting for the ingredients

during my weekly grocery shopping

can’t find gourmet vinegar, though

and I suddenly remember

how am I supposed to cook the rice if

I don’t even own a rice cooker

steaming should do fine


but still I was browsing at the

home appliances section and well

this really caught my eye


you don’t even eat rice, do you

Electrolux Microcomputer Rice Cooker ERC6503W 1.2L 600W


okay forget it

now you see

but this wouldn’t stop me from

making my very own sushi

coming soon…


by the way

few days back

I ate my very first lunch of

instant noodle in the office this year



since we always end up

not knowing what to eat and

and end up eating lousy stuffs


there’s once

I ordered fried tomyam noodle

Tomyam Fried Instant Noodle


they actually prepared it from

the tomyam-flavoured powder pack

“attached” to the instant noodle

instant of tomyam paste 

which is not even evenly cooked

as I can taste the bits of powder



I am not a choosy eater

if even I complained that

it didn’t taste good

it must be that bad


I might as well stock up

some instant noodle

succumbing to reality



so along with the instant noodle

I bought this metal mug too

so that I do not have to

“borrow” bowl from

the cafeteria downstairs

instant noodle lunch hack


long term lunch hack

I would call it

especially on a rainy afternoon where

hot spicy soup would

do a lot of good

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