Sunday, December 3, 2017

Joy Sharing X I Mean Addiction Spreading: Black Friday Shopping


went McDonald’s during lunch

and saw this

no caption


went home and told my mom

so two hours later

there i was again

not being a fan, unlike my mom


i bought 4 quick-dry undies

having ransacked and found

4 all-blacks for 100 MYR


that’s the problem with me

most of the time when

I am saying I am not buying

somehow I still end up

with something


next stop, Uniqlo

this has nothing to do with Black Friday

KAWS X Peanuts X Uniqlo


but i ended up buying this

which happened to go so well

with my OOTD

Sorry, looking kinda dump


ordering some X’mas gifts from ASOS

making use of their storewide 20% off

total bill - 60+ USD


you know what

i got the parcel on Thursday morning

this is seriously impressive

i didn’t pay extra for DHL shipping




was browsing at Zalora

almost fell for this

Zalora Black Friday/Cyber Monday


as i was slowly walking into the trap

no i must go out!!!

as i tried out with the same items

after the BF/CM sale

it would have cost 400 MYR

so it was actually real good

Zalora Black Friday/Cyber Monday


so i ended up buying these

in lieu of checking out a cart

i haven't bought any female looking clothes in ages


yup basically

that’s all i bought

during Black Friday

  • a cold shoulder top
  • a pair of loose pants
  • a Uniqlo KAWS Peanuts hoodies
  • a couples of undies


not forgetting

  • footing the Triumph bill for my mom
  • a box of Xmas gifts ready



out of the 1000 MYR spent

25%: myself

75%: for others

*feeling angelic*


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