Saturday, November 25, 2017

Xmas Gift X Arriving Early: Hi, Kermit

i have been wanting to

get a Kermit



i have no idea

but gave it a miss

when we saw it at

the uni quarter in Seoul

the one in Supreme shirt


in the middle of

waiting for my

final two parcels for Double 11


this came in on Tuesday

i don’t remember

buying anything from Amazon

Amazon package


but i kinda guess

who gave me this

when it felt like a plush

that’s what a friend is

Kermit ty plush and Woodstock


and we are having a fun week

playing with Kermit

i mean me, myself

having a lot of fun with him

Kermit Shopping Memes Not ShoppingKermit Shopping Memes Waiting for parcel

Kermit Shopping Memes Receive ParcelKermit Shopping Memes Black Fri Deal


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