Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve X More Shopping: To My Chagrin

i have never got so mad

about myself for failing to

buy something online


not even when

the price of airfare

got pricey because

i was dilly dally ing


so yesterday

i was about to check out

a cart full of books


i accidentally added two copies of

Celebrating Peanuts: 65 Years

not knowing that i already

reserved a copy in my cart

since a long time ago

and it was not available

Book Xcess Out of Stock


so knowing that

this is the very last copy

i wanted to check out

it was 1:30 AM so

the payment system was down

and i was kinda lazy to try other

so as usual i was like

just waited until next morning then

Book Xcess System Downtime = =


then i actually

didn’t check it throughout today

until 10 something at night

to find that the book is out of stock

Book Xcess Out of Stock oh man


oh man

what have i done

and it’s a 500+ pages

like of all books

i wanted it the most


what a way to ruin

my Christmas’s Eve



have a great Christmas

i will just head to bed

in a short while


as they say

any problem that can be

solved with money is not an issue

i just have to fork out another 100+ MYR

to get the book

Book Xcess Celebrating Peanuts 65 Years on Book Xcess vs BookDepository


then again

i will have to find other books

on BookXcess to make up for the

minimum amount for free shipping


why is life so hard

charlie brown


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