Saturday, December 23, 2017

Never Ending X Christmas Shopping: HU HU HU

so it started off with

a weird feeling that

i have stayed clean for

the plus one month of so


have never bought anything

online or offline

since Black Friday


not even on 12.12

which is now known as

Singles’ Day encore sale

apparently because

i was travelling


so i was browsing through

the usual sites for the

past few days

but didn’t find anything interesting


i think addiction is

a dangerous thing

like i simply felt weird

simply because i am not buying


so i downloaded the ASOS app

i checked out a cart of

Christmas gifts from them

during Black Friday


having to find that

nobody actually raised suggestion

for a Christmas meet-up


then i started discovering

some items on massive discounts

oh gosh oh gosh

these are too good to be true


so i ended up

checking out this item

adidas Originals X Pharrell Williams Tennis HU Blue


this particular series

caught my eye

thanks to these

adidas Originals Stan Smith X Parrell Williams Tennis HU Pastel 03adidas Originals Stan Smith X Parrell Williams Tennis HU Pastel 04adidas Originals Stan Smith X Parrell Williams Tennis HU Pastel 06


well out of guiltiness

i bought my dad a Batman mug

as a last minute Christmas gift

DC Heat Change Mug Batman


damage done

so they said

this is going to be delivered

by 15 Jan next year

ASOS order confirmation


please do

so that i can bill this

under next financial year


in fact i just bill a

thick invoice this week

having working like a dog

for 3 days 2 (mid)nights


yet i felt

terribly empty

after the rush is over

like i can’t describe

why is that so

until i checked out

this pair of kicks


there’s something to

look forward to now


at least

for Christmas

for the new year

for the unknown future


online shopping

it does magic

can’t help but to agree


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