Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Oh No X Not Again: Missing MupPet at Airport

decided to also bring along

my new favorite

Kermit, the Frog along

besides Woodstock

since he can act serious well

Kermit TY Plush


some photo at the bus terminal

before heading to the airport

wait till i figure out a story for them

Kermit TY Plush


on the way to the airport

i decided to transfer him

for a more comfortable position

as well as allowing him to

see the world as I am

Kermit TY Plush


us having breakfast at Mcdonald’s

Kermit TY Plush


during custom clearance

his position was kinda insecure

because after my laptop was removed

my bag was no longer that bulky

so he wasn’t held as tight


but then

right after clearance

i put all my stuff on a trolley

to get everything in place again


then everything went smoothly

but i actually didn’t check

if he was still around

until i was safety seated onboard


damn my bag looked kinda empty

oh no

not again

must have fallen off somewhere

and it was too late to go back


i took super a lot of his photos

was this kinda of like farewell


same TY beanie

from the same BFF

at the same airport

heading to the same country

is this sort of like a curse???

devastated seriously


i was so going to find one from eBay

by hook or by crook.. or PayPal

as a replacement because

this is a barely one month old gift

and is that how i should treat it


until i opened my bag

there he was

oh my thank goodness

Kermit TY Plush


i can’t remember when

did i actually place it

back in the bag

but anyway

thank goodness


and a good lesson learnt



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