Sunday, December 3, 2017

Started Bitter X Ended Better: November

the month started bitter

as i was stuck with

some review work from

past month


got it done anyway

then everything went slow

and i took the opportunity

to tune my sleeping hour


until mid of the month

suddenly called off

to travel of out town

to help out with some

urgent data entry job


while at the same time

juggling with a biggest ever

coding task I have ever done


when everything was over

i found myself being

constantly tired

sleep deprivation is

no longer an easy thing

when you are getting old


it takes at least three days

to make up for a night of

sleep deprivation and

whole lots more for

a under-pressure season



November was soon over

in spite of the

anxiety, pressure, hesitation

it ended well


December started and

received a tough job

but then quickly turned down

in spite of the good pay

due to the complexity and volume

and i have attempted the same job

two years ago and finally gave up

like the first and ever time


so i really didn’t want to

risk it all again

especially during a trip


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