Thursday, December 14, 2017

XiaMen X to ChaoShan: Good to Go Home

it’s me again

it’s like I only get time to blog

when I am travelling on a train


4 days 3 nights in Xiamen

started off kind of bad

first my travel SIM was out of data

right after i uploaded the previous blog


it seemed weird

how on earth did i

finish 1.5 g in 4 days

with zero video watching

not much FB surfing

and 3 IG posts


then i can’t find my hotel

it turned out that

it was wrongly labelled

it was further away than expected

and Google auto location tag

was kinda misleading as

it was showing the name of

another hotel next door


so i had to search manually

by typing the address

and hell no

i typed No. 78 instead of No. 87

so i went round and round

can’t find where the place was


with less than 30MB left

i can’t go on for long

(managed to top up online

upon checking in)


until i asked a security guard (not helpful)

and walked into a clinic and

asked a lady waiting for her turn


to sum up

the hotel was quite bad

i hardly complain about hotel

because i don’t really want to

but would recommend if

a place is really good


but this place is really that bad

especially after a good stay

at their competitor’s branch

the comparison is real

and i have simply decided to

ditch this chain for real


reaching Chaoshan station in 30+ minutes

by 1:30 PM to be exact

to catch the flight at 3:55 PM

a bit tight but

should be manageable


one more thing

almost left my duffle bag

at Xiamen station just now

because i traveled with

a luggage and backpack


so the duffle bag is actually

a spare bag i packed in the luggage

so that i can fill the luggage

with my dad’s loots and souvenirs

and move my stuff to the duffle bag


well can’t think of

anything important in there

but the bag itself is

and those bags in there

fanatic about bags, maybe


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