Wednesday, December 6, 2017

ChaoZhou X to FuZhou: With Guilt of Time Wasting

blogging from a High Speed Rail

heading towards Fuzhou

High Speed Rail


the trip has been smooth, so far

except for a small hiccup today


stranded at the railway station

for almost four hours

at the best time of the day

12 PM – 4 PM

since the earlier tickets

were all already sold out


and the station is

in the middle of nowhere

30 km away from the city


lesson learnt

should have checked out earlier

like 9 AM instead of 11 AM

we went to the market nearby


and spent like 300 CNY

i.e. our budget for train tickets

happily shopping away

buying fruits

preserved fruits and



and busy eating brunch

like roasted goose at 10 in the morning

followed by fruits like

persimmon, papaya, mandarin orange

to get rid of the oil


i know right…

i don’t do this often

and the parts on the left

i don’t even know what’s that

Chaozhou Roasted goose


and more importantly

should have gotten the tickets

at the ticket window in the city

at least we can kill some time

going around after check-out


the ticket window is right next to the

ticket counter for railway station bus


obviously for a reason


and that’s not all

it will take us another 3 hour

to reach Fuzhou

i.e. after night fall


i should so totally

buy my ticket for Fuzhou – Xiamen

in advance to avoid the same mistake


also to make sure that

i  can secure tickets

for Fuzhou – Xiamen

instead of Fuzhou South – Xiamen North


or either one

i.e. Fuzhou – Xiamen North or

Fuzhou South - Xiamen

which are both further away from city


so i got the idea to

buy my tickets here at Chaozhou instead

the queue wasn’t long luckily

yet I was told me that

they are only selling tickets for

today and tomorrow

okay fine….


my laptop wasn’t fully charged last night

like seriously

i purposely charged laptop

instead of phone

since i do have a power bank


but woke up to find that

it wasn’t plugged in

both were not


by the way

our train is bound for Fuzhou South

instead of Fuzhou

12 stations away via Metro

from where we stay


enquired about the ticket for Fuzhou

the earliest would be past five

longer wait, like 5+ hours

but shorter traveling to the city


so i just went for Fuzhou South

shorter wait, like 4 hour

but longer travel to do



simply hoping that

i will able to check in by

9 PM tonight


gosh there are two pieces of work

due tomorrow morning / afternoon

maybe i should head back to work now

to avoid more time wasting moment

i.e. can’t seem to be ready to go

since i am rushing with work


or i can catch a nap now

to prepare myself to stay up late

or get myself really exhausted

so that i sleep early tonight

and get up real early in the morning


that’s how travelling

helps me in better planning

when it comes to work


i think the fellow passengers around me

must be assuming that

i am typing something serious

until they see the photos i got



by the way

now i kinda dislike the idea of

spending a night somewhere

as a transit or whatsoever

because you spend the same

amount of time (un)packing

as compared to spending more nights

Travelling with Kermit


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