Saturday, December 30, 2017

30th Dec X Final Shopping: Yes, I Promise

encountered minor issue

during my previous purchase from

the official adidas online store


Aug 4

ordered 5 shorts from them

received my parcel on


Aug 12

was told that part of my order was cancelled

2 shorts


Aug 25

received email regarding

request for refund detail


Sep 25

sent them email regarding

pending refund


Sep 27

was total that

it usually takes up to 21 working days


Sep 27

refund confirmed by

3rd party payment platform



it was resolved

in spite of being pretty slow

i.e. will buy again



i randomly came across

their newsletter about

free shipping for all orders

and clicked in


and on top of that

there’s additional 50% off

their marked down items sale 01


so well

what else can i say

since they “owe” me two shorts

* official store


can’t resist

indeed official store


and by the way

these are for my dad

yeah i know

final shopping

CNY clothes for dad


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