Saturday, December 30, 2017

Maths Question X When it Comes to Shopping: Bothered, not Bothered

making entry into my shopping records

when i came across this minor issue


so last week

i bought a pair of kicks from ASOS

it costs me 75.8 USD

Screenshot_20171222-232055 - Copy


or 48 GBP

Screenshot_20171223-000729 - Copy


i paid in USD

and one week later

i am not sure if

the currencies fluctuate a lot

or they are offering a really low rate

for USD to GBP conversion


48 GBP doesn’t really

tally to 75 USD it seems

there’s a 10 USD difference

gbp to usd


so does it actually mean that

i have been charged more since

i choose to pay in USD?


and i am making entry in MYR

so the difference is even more obvious

gbp to myrusd to myr


but anyway

i did my conversion in USD and

kinda expect it costs 300 MYR

before checking out


more importantly

glad that i have managed to

keep my shopping bill

under MYR XXXX

having checked out

my last (hopefully) cart

for 2017


shopping rule #1

when it comes to currency

it’s better to overestimate

than under

because it may actually

prevent you from buying

: p


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