Thursday, December 14, 2017

Curtain Call 2016/01: Travelling

31% power left on my laptop

will be stranded onboard

for another 2.5 hours

and have already taken a nap


in fact i have quite a few

trips to be covered on blogs

like Tokyo, Krabi, Foshan+Guangzhou

and now Fuzhou+Xiamen


i can explain for that

when you have been working

on the same laptop whole day

you just want to stay away from it

instead of spending more time

blogging on it


it has been a fulfilling year

in terms of travel as

my trips were evenly spread

over different seasons

and different genres



Feb – Kaohsiung

April – Wuhan + Wudangshan



May – Ho Chi Minh

June – Tokyo

Aug – Foshan + Guangzhou

Sep – Krabi


Winter, but more like Fall

Dec – Xiamen + Fuzhou


expectation for 2018?

have booked one in Jan and March

but i am more ambitious than that


looking into squeezing one in Feb

to escape the relative visit

during Lunar New Year


looking into celebrating

my big birthday alone at

somewhere quiet and safe

in April


looking into an island getaway

with ex housemates

somewhere in Malaysia

holy crab

i have never been to

any island in Malaysia

not even Langkawi

Penang island, yes



non-strop travelling Jan-Apr


looking into bringing my mom

on a two-person trip

because it feels unfair

as i have brought my dad

for almost 15 times already


of course

to make all these possible

i have to work really really hard


2 more hours to go

but my power won’t support me

anytime further

till then,


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