Sunday, December 10, 2017

FuZhou X to XiaMen: Thank Goodness!

have spent four nights in FuZhou

no time to blog as

i had and still have work


it was kinda bothering me

but thank goodness

i managed to wake up at 1 AM

and worked all the way

until 8+ in the morning

with a short nap in between


so i have managed to knocked out

the toughest and also the largest

item on my work list


learning from previous experience

purposely came to the station yesterday

to get our ticket in advance

Fuzhou railway station


so it kinda shortened our waiting time

and still managed to

visit one last attraction

before checking out by 12 PM

and then caught the 2:19 PM train


FuZhou is a surprisingly friendly city

in spite of the unfamiliar dialect

i can’t understand a word of


what i mean by friendly is

people say you are welcome

when you say thank you and

people say it’s okay

when you say sorry

that’s all i ask for


till then

i better catch some sleep now

just to beat the Monday’s blue

deadlines deadlines and more deadlines

Fuzhou railway station


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