Sunday, June 5, 2016

Indecisive X Hesitating: ROSEFIELD-watching

have been surveying watches

from MVMT, CLUSE to some

wooden one like Where’s Woody, TMBR


thanks to Facebook suggested post

i came across ROSEFIELD Watches

love at first sight


and have KIV-ed a few

all at the price of 99 USD

inclusive of worldwide shipping



the stainless steel series

Rosefield Watch - The Mercer Black Black


Rosefield Watch - The Mercer New Blue



leather strap, thin case

some comes in the choices of

rose gold / silver case

Rosefield Watch - The Bowery White Black Silver CaseRosefield Watch - The Bowery White Black Rose Gold CaseRosefield Watch - The Bowery Black Black Rose Gold Case



the minimalist leather series

Rosefield Watch - The Gramercy White BlackRosefield Watch - The Gramercy Black Black


would have gone for all-black right above

i have a few suggestions to go for that too

yet my all-black is still alive and kicking


and at the same times

would like to go for something different

yet i am not sure if i can handle

gold case or brown strap


such as this one

Rosefield Watch - The Gramercy White Brown



the Facebook sponsored post

has been appearing

as the second post on top

over and over again

Screen Shot 06-05-16 at 08.29 PM

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