Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Nationalist X Communist: Espionage Series 諜戰劇

I have finally successfully embarked on

Chinese espionage & war /

Chinese Communist Party vs KuoMinTang

vs the super annoying Japanese

genre kind of series


I previously tried watching

《The Disguiser 偽裝者》

and 《All Quiet in Peking 北平無戰事 》


Thanks to Wang Kai

and yet didn't move on

those two are actually the

recent one with high rating


And this time round thanks to Zu Feng

The (only?) gentleman without

happy ending in Ode to Joy 歡樂頌 : (


I started watching this one

《The Code Name 代號》

The one on the left of course

Not the boy on the right

电视剧代号 祖峰 02

电视剧代号电视剧代号 祖峰


But wait I know that boy

He was in Let's Fall in Love season 1

I didn't watch his part actually

As I watched for the sake of following

Liu Wen and Siwon


But still I can't believe

I finally watched 3 full episodes of the series


Previously when I flipped through

channels back in China

this would definitely be avoided


and next up I gonna

rewatch All Quiet in Peking as

the role played by Zu Feng

was quite an important figure in there

despite his death half way during the story


and to be released in September

another new series


I can't be watching this


《Shuang Ci 雙刺》

电视剧双刺 2016 祖峰


this “bitch” who captured Wang Kai in Ode to Joy

then Zu Feng in this series

then again Wang Kai in If Snail Falls in Love

but gotta admit she is really good

the highest attainable level of a bitch

you can’t help but not to dislike her

and Olivia is actually one of my favorite names

电视剧双刺 2016 祖峰 王子文


This genre is known as 諜戰劇

literally translated as espionage & war series

usually based during the

Post Qing -  Pre Independence war era


and based a quick research

this gentleman has previously acted in

quite a few other of the similar genre

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