Friday, June 10, 2016

May the Force X be With You: Going Through a Trough

Have been drafting this over and over

in my mind yet didn't get to pen it down

and soon it's ...

what 10th June?



neither good nor bad

no.. no bad news is a good news

as they said



moving on from a super hectic April

the first half of May was suddenly

slowing down and down

that I almost feel unemployed again


the good thing about this is

it gives me a good break

from the super hectic April

as well as

sufficient pre-vacation prep during week 1

and a week of travel during week 2


so the real uneasiness stepped in

as I was back from my trip

after second half of the month


thank goodness it didn't last for long

as thing started to pick up again

in fact, it got really hectic that


at one point I did nothing but work

except quick meals and bedtime


so the total sales concluded as

neither good nor bad

barely half of April yet

not that bad after all

given the "recession" period


the days of counting petty cash

the days of counting down

to unemployment

the days of counting on

previous momentum to gain faith

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