Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Errand/Brekkie X Quick Shopping: (Yet Another) Tuesday Routine

have been hibernating over

the long weekend catching my

anti-Japanese Chinese series


for the past week

Monday – Thursday

i appeared at the mall area for 5 times

at different parts of the malls

which included (irresistibly cute)

Kids pajama


Yet another Tuesday with

errand-running / breakfast / shopping

Banking-Brekkie X 1-hour Shopping: Tuesday Routine


it’s tough to divert her attention

from studded jelly shoes to flip flops

and she was angry and walking awa

so we “negotiated” and settled with this

Rubi slip on


and today she got more

vintage pajama pants from Cotton On Body

i can’t believe she is wearing size 7

at the age of 9 years old and 9 months



the stack of 15 MYR shirt outside Cotton On

second piece at 50% off at 7.5 MYR

i.e. two for 22.50 MYR


has been there for long

some days it was way too messy

and a ransack ended up no good

some days it was too neatly-folded

so i felt bad to ransack it


today it was kinda so very neat

yet these two pieces are just right there

Cotton On grey tee Los Anjealous / Yale Track and Field


i didn’t know this is a trademark on its own

i am probably coming back for more

Cotton On grey tee / Yale Track and Field

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