Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hopping on X the Blackwagon: Bralette

over the past ten days

wait let’s see

when was my last shopping post

that was exactly two weeks ago


Banking-Brekkie X 1-hour Shopping: Tuesday Routine

Errand/Brekkie X Quick Shopping: (Yet Another) Tuesday Routine


it seems that

for two weeks in a row

there were some shopping crime

committed on a Tuesday morning

but not today!


simply because we have already

done the routine yesterday



despite having deadline

but it was manageable still

creating a timeline with productivity chart

does really help in terms of time management


my sis was complaining that

i should stop accepting jobs

on Monday – Tuesday so that

we can extend our shopping hour


no worries

all you need is Cotton On

Cotton On Melaka


so i have heard of the bralette craze

my beloved “manager” actually forwarded

an article on Buzz Feed titled

18 Reasons You Should Ditch Your Bra For A Bralette


and i did research and found a few

on Cotton On web store but

it wasn’t available in store yet

what do you expect being in a small city

it’s already a bliss to have one


and yay!! finally

looks like these are selling quite well as

for the design on the left

limited sizes are available

Bralette, Cotton On Body



i told my Sunny Boy that

these photos are exclusive for him

but i can’t resist the temptation


because it looks really awesome

despite being support-less

it looks “supportive” enough

not forgetting the comfy-ness

Bralette, Cotton On Body


and i am definitey buying more of

other designs soon as

don’t you think these are

quite travel-friendly


well as a person who insists of

washing the undergarments

on daily basis during travel

i think it is definitely so!!


having done my payment

on the way out

bumped into this shirt dress for MYR 30

at the mark-down area


me and my sister were

pushing each other to go try it

and ended up I gave in of course

whatever fits me

she will borrow if she likes it

but the vice versa case doesn’t apply

Cotton On Chambray shirt dress



i kinda prefer it without the belt

Cotton On Chambray shirt dress

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