Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Peer Pressure X Sou Desu Ka?: Next Stop✈Osaka

so it took place

within a few days


Day 01 – Sunday – Informed

was napping

and my sister was looking for me


with the agenda of

asking me to plan an Osaka trip

for her and a relative of hers

well.. including me as well


Day 02 – Monday – Pressurized

was busy at work

so she didn’t actually bug me

but the pressure was still around

i didn’t actually feel like planning for one



i don’t even know the relative of hers



Japan is not in my itinerary

at least not anytime soon

i have not even planned for any trip

back (home) to China



to make the case complicated

similar to our Seoul Random trip

the X friend who has to remain unknown

to her entire family and clan


she is planning to rope her in again

but as if she is my friend, instead of hers

it was fine when it was just

me, my sis, X friend

but now with another member


Day 03 – Tuesday – Pre-implementation

completed my work in the morning

she insisted on having brunch outside

this time round without my mom

with the same meeting agenda again


i was about to book, actually

but AirAsia system was down

so i wasn’t bothered



on a Tuesday evening

my sis appeared at home

out of no where


Day 04 – Wednesday – Done

was browsing some washing machines

with my mom and dad

and she was texting non-stop


initially she wanted me to

put the booking on hold as

another relative found out

their plan and was telling everyone

she is actually coming along


wth gosh

i couldn’t take such thing

like a family clan is heading for a trip

so it was kinda a relief


yet soon enough

they decided to adopt

the opposite tactic


book the ticket immediately

so that nobody else will get to

tag around anymore


and i can’t find any excuse anymore

the relative even added me on

chatting app and so

they caught me and stop avoiding


the tickets were cheap

under MYR 1,000 each

and managed to grab all four tickets

at that price


not too bad

that was how I communicated with

my fellow tour members

AirAsia Kuala Lumpur - Osaka flight ticket


it took four days

to plan for a totally unplanned trip

nope with hidden agenda

planted a long time ago


relative A asking my sister

if they can travel together


friend X asking my sister

if she can travel with us again


my sister, without asking me

told them that

yup my younger sister is ON


and hence

that gives birth to a

yet another totally random trip

of which I have not even met

the person I am travelling with


and i pray that

the number will stick to four

and will never ever going to grow


as a loyal Chinese (non) citizen

I swear that I remain a great fan of China

despite being made to travel to Japan


the irony is

recently have been watching

quite some Anti-Japanese Occupation series

with quite a bit of brain-washing elements

regarding the Communist Party




since last Oct

hopefully can conclude the year with

a trip back to China of course


that pretty much summarize

my Journey to the East

before I step on to a more

hard-core level of



i am just saying

but i hope i am

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