Sunday, June 26, 2016

6 Months X Trial & Error: My Current Skincare Regime

From daily make-up application

without proper make-up removing steps

back in 2014 to

nothing but cleanser in 2015


since Christmas 2015

have been gradually building

a skincare regime of mine as

i kinda realized and confirmed that

the metabolism of my skin

no longer works as good

as the younger days



during travel and upon

returning from any trip

the skin condition worsens

usually getting way too oily

after a trip regardless if

there was heavy exposure

under the sun


while back then

it was quite fine even if

i got sunburnt after days of

direct exposure under the sun


probably being a night owl

sometimes, i mean sometimes

contributes to this too


so over the past 6 months

well i took that long because

buying too many products at one go

usually didn’t work

probably ending up

buying at least one or two unsuitable


or ending up too lazy

to step on to complete steps

the products will be slowly abandoned

for all I know


so what i did was

gradually adding one product at a time

after a bit of research here and there

and based on my skin condition too


adding one at a time

and when I am used to it

i will add on the next step / product

1. Cleanser

2. Cleanser – Toner

3. Cleanser – Toner – Moisturizer

4. Cleaner – Toner – Moisturizer – Sunscreen


so basically

now what i have

and more importantly are

using on a consistent basis

already make a long list


and i even started

making use of skincare cases

to carry along some products while travel

which previously was not bothered

not at all, except cleanser


My list of current products in use

  1. Gel cleanser
  2. Foam cleanser
  3. Toner
  4. Moisturizer
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Thermal water spray
  7. Facial scrub
  8. Clay mask
  9. Peel-off mask
  10. Cloth mask
  11. Foundation (hardly)


my aim is as simple as

oil controlling and moisturizing


do take note that

it is in singular form as

as long as your skin is

kept hydrated

it stops producing oil

like nobody business


that’s why

too much cleansing and exfoliating

could be working in opposite direction as

the next minute

my skin starts to produce oil on its own

even if I am not exposed to

harsh environment


of course it get worse

under exposure to sun etc

and that links to why

using sunblock is as important as

cleansing the face


i used to avoid sunblock

since it felt greasy

the moment i applied it

even before exposure to sun

even before the skin without fail

started producing oil


this is not an ad!

this is not an ad!

this is not an ad!

until i found this


Hada Labo air AQUA UV

day emulsion SPF 50 / PA+++

Hada Labo air AQUA UV day emulsion SPF 50 / PA+++


i don’t actually give a damn about “whitening”

but keywords such as “air light” 

“breathable”, “ultra light”, “fresh”,

“oil control”, “matte”, “oil free”, “hydration”

are the one which really got my attention

and can’t wait to give it a try


and from my two weeks into

using the “world-famous”

Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion

i feel assured to move on to their next product



basically i did try!!

back then when it was launched

like seriously a long time ago

when they were selling with the tagline

“one bottle sold in every 4 seconds in Jp”

instead of Jun Ji-hyun as the ambassador



not knowing the proper way to use it

i was using it as a toner

wiping all over the face with facial cotton

one bottle down, another one was half away

and it didn’t seem to work at all


as for this current set I am using

once again, this is not an ad!

i got it from NATTACOSME via 11street


i am absolutely impressed by their packaging

NATTACOSME via 11streetNATTACOSME via 11street


the reason for

the combination is

they sell it in twin packs

for a “shocking deal” price


but under three options of

(i) 2 bottles of normal version

(ii) 2 bottles of light version

(iii) combo of normal & light version


then i did a bit of research

and found a live demo video

from the official page by a

skincare Guru from Taiwan


basically light version is

of course for the oily / combination skin

but using a combo of two

works fine too


wait combo and combi

both words actually mean combination

am i right


light version in the day

to keep it fresh

normal version at night

for more hydrating effect


two hours after

moisturizer & sunblock application

it still feels pretty fresh

cleanser + toner + moisturizer + sunblock



i am not using portrait enhancement mode

or whatever can be used

to enhance the photo


even better than

not applying anything at all

because when I wasn’t applying

soon within two hours

my skin starts to feel oily

damn sometimes

it smelled oily too

and it annoyed me to the max


and i am definitely stocking up more

previously thinking of

buying it from 11street too


I repeat once again

this is not an ad!!


but it was actually on 30% sales

in local pharmacy/ drugstore

Guardians / Mannings


30ml probably doesn’t last that long

but it’s definitely travel friendly


Hada Labo air AQUA UV day emulsion SPF 50 / PA+++

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