Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Can’t Stop Buying X More and MORE: UToxication

some time ago

i promise not to

buy more and more UT

as the collections are never-ending


yet I did buy 3

during the beginning of the year

1 Peanuts, 1 Mr. Men

and 1 Peanuts for my dad


my dad he doesn’t mind

in fact he likes it

and has been comparing how

3 UT is equal to the price of

1 Nike Dri-Fit slogan tees


to found out that

all the prices have been marked down


UT X Peanuts


I ended up buying two for myself

and another one for my dad again

yup, men sized L

just tie a knot around

and it will look fine

these make decent shirt for jogging

UT PeanutsUT X Mr. Men


and this is for my dad

UT X Mr. Men

while I actually own this

UT X Mr. Men


three shirts for the price of 79 MYR

barely enough for a Dri-Fit tee still

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