Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Switching X Waiting?: For the Sake of Data Roaming

for the past ten years or even longer

i have been sticking to the same Telco

as I am not a heavy user


given my Telephone phobia

(telephonophobia, telephobia, phone phobia)

even more so

since i hopped on to

working full-time at home


my phone is actually on plane mode

24/7, 356 days per year


until this Data Backpack 

in the paper today grabbed my attention

and i actually went on the official site

to find out more about it




that’s nice



and even without an eligible Postpaid

the roaming rate is quite affordable to

U Mobile - U Data Roam


10 MYR per day for 12 destinations as below

U Mobile - U Data Roam 02


the main reason being

i might need to travel down to

Singapore quite often


was thinking of getting a local SIM card

but if i am switching to this Orange telco

that would have save me the trouble to do so


those were the days of having two SIM cards

but with one phone

with the other SIM card carefully tucked away

yes.. it never failed to occur

disappearance, misplacement, forgotten


suddenly reminded me of a scene from

《志明與春嬌 Love in the Puff》

you probably can figure out

what’s going on here


Miriam Yeung was discussing with

the Sephora colleague of

switching to the same Telco as Chimney

so that it’s cheaper for them to talk


and the colleague’s advice was

ok i actually forgot

but i found it quite useful

so i gonna dig that out now



cookies being the new

omnipresent Big Brother

i actually found this in my mailbox

Hotlink Data Roam


or should I just wait for my

yellow telco to offer the same thing?


the current rate is so

wth, forget it

Digi internet

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