Friday, July 1, 2016

Prefer Disney X over Peanuts: When It Comes to X-over

a quick look at the current collaborations

  • Disney X Coach
  • Disney X LeSportsac
  • Peanuts X LeSportsac


and I have been asking myself

over and over again


Coach and LeSportsac

two different spectrums of market

yet can’t help noticing that


why Mickey and Minnie

look way better than Snoopy

in these collaborations


like as a die-hard Peanuts fan

I am not dying to get these bags

let’s say price is not a factor


yet I really fall for these Mickey bags

the artwork and even the bag itself!!


Disney X COACH

Disney X Coach 2016 07Disney X Coach 2016 08Disney X Coach 2016 09Disney X Coach 2016Disney X Coach 2016 04Disney X Coach 2016 06


Disney X LeSportsac

Disney X LeSPORTSAC 02Disney X LeSPORTSAC 04Disney X LeSPORTSAC 01


Peanuts X LeSportsac

Peanuts X LeSPORTSAC 01Peanuts X LeSPORTSAC 02Peanuts X LeSPORTSAC 03Peanuts X LeSPORTSAC 04Peanuts X LeSPORTSAC 05


previous collaborations

COACH X Peanuts(I): Bags Only

COACH X Peanuts(II): On Top of Bags

Peanuts X LeSportsac: Bags! Bags! Bags!


frankly speaking

thus far

there’s not really a single item

I crazily fall in love with


and yet

I already have marked a few items

from the Disney collaborations


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