Sunday, November 23, 2014

PONY X saucony: Complete, Finally

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PONY X Saucony: Got’em, Finally

here comes the the unboxing process

which happened quite some time ago

but I was kinda busy


(i) PONY

collecting 4 pairs of kicks from

our reception counter was a little

ahem.. like the whole world now knows

you are a online shopaholic

PONY sneaker order on MySale


oh craps

mine didn’t fit description

unboxing our PONY


sadly speaking

I ordered it in white-blue yet

they delivered a pair of black-white

since exchange / return is kinda troublesome

like deliver it all the way to Australia

nevermind then

PONY TopStar ox black


and that evil Fat

trying to show off his

simply to make me jealous

nooo… I still want white

PONY TopStar ox white, which are not mine


it’s alright

I still love you alright

PONY TopStar ox black


except the fact that

they are too similar to

my Vans Old Skool in black-white too

PONY TopStar ox black vs Vans Old Skool


I lodged a complain report

while sending the photo over

(thank goodness I snapped)

attaching the invoice

I realized that

the other pair belonging

was wrongly delivered too


the Prussian-blue-pink pair

which belongs to Mr. Flash

he ordered navy-blue-white

and this which he complained was

way too gay


I sort of agreed

but what to do

exchange option is not available

even if it is

it’s way too troublesome


we are left with:

return and fully refund; or

keep the shoes and receive

a 40% compensation in cash amount

which we accepted


okay there goes my

accidentally ended up as

black-white PONY


I blame it on Fat because

if he not to order the same

white-blue pair as mine

the confusion may not arise

anyway, cheers


if you are those who

refuse to wear Vans because

they are a little heavy

trust me, PONY is

definitely way lighter


not that I wanna backstab Vans

it is still on my top 3 list,



(ii) saucony

a photo was missed

I actually ordered the

exact same pair as my Bro

saucony jazz navy blue


what a jolly co-incidence that is

especially these are

pre-loved item


this is my very first pair of

pre-loved kicks

saucony jazz navy blue


a little washed

but I don’t mind at all

as long as

the overall condition is good


and these shall become my ACG,

(stolen term from Nike)


whereby I don’t really mind if

they get muddy / wet / etc 

discrimination for pre-loved kicks

I know right

saucony jazz navy blue

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