Sunday, November 16, 2014

Urgently Bought X After Long: My Baju Kurung

attended a royal event

whereby dress code is specified


for us who are there to work

if ourselves do not even

observe the dress code

how do you expect the guests to

that’s what I think

but in fact

loads of them didn’t


so I last-minute-ly bought myself a

pair of Baju Kurung

which consists of

a long loose-cut top and

a long skirt

Baju Kurung black


the top is so long

basically below knee

like it’s longer than

most of the LBD

little black dresses of mine

Baju Kurung black


so hey


I can wear it as it is

let’s say on Friday


or tuck the top in

or even break them up

as two items as in

the long top as

can be a shirt dress

while the long skirt can be

paired with some other top


I have been urged by

quite some folks to

buy one for long

but I didn’t


some boys were saying

they would buy me one

but they didn’t really



as I was saying earlier on

I am not that kind of girl who

would wait for boys to

buy me stuffs


perfectly fine on my own

hell yeah

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