Sunday, November 23, 2014

Stephelle’s Kitchen: Weekend’s Lunches


Fusilli in white sauce

Fusilli in white sauce



(1) bring the potato to boil

(2) stir to mash it

(3) add in the other veggie

(4) boil the pasta separately, drained

(5) throw in the pasta

(6) add in milk, butter, cheese 

(7) boil to desired creaminess level


it’s real real filling

because the base of the sauce is

two large russet potatoes which

I initially idealized as

creamy mashed potato


not forgetting the milk,

low fat cheese and

slightly salted butter


nothing beats a good nap

after such a filling and satisfying lunch



Spicy Mamak’s Maggie Goreng

with Chinese dressing

Spicy Mamak’s Maggie Goreng


fried instant noodle

in Sambal (chili paste) and

mock oyster sauce which is

actually mushroom sauce

also a light butter aroma



(1) bring the cubed veggie to boil, drained

(2) boil the noodle separately, drained

(3) rinse it under running water

(4) heat up a saucepan

(5) add butter, chili paste, mushroom sauce

(6) stir in the boiled noodle & veggies

(7) ready to serve


I made two servings

one for my room mate

I served the noodle

along with chopsticks


took it into the room

to find that

she was still in bed


all I can say is

everyone has different ways

to celebrate the weekend


I pretty much enjoy staying at home

the whole of weekend is

simply because


I can’t help but start thinking

about what’s for lunch

during breakfast’s preparation

and even start preparing them

once I am done eating breakfast



the time wasted in the kitchen

is not wasted time

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