Friday, November 28, 2014

Killer Deal X Spamming my Email: Did I Shop for Black Friday Sale?

thanks to Black Friday Sale

I was hesitating about this pair of loafers

with free shipping and

extra 10% off

2014.11.28 MySale GEOX loafter


wanted to pay

yet dilly dally

at night when I re-added it to cart

the 10% off was no longer applicable

but I still bought anyway

since that was the very last pair

for my size

2014.11.28 MySale GEOX loafter (2)


tried my luck to enquire

and wee..

I got the refund in voucher form

instead of bank-in like the previous times

which means I gonna do more shopping

2014.11.28 MySale Member Service


that’s why sometimes

buying from established sites are

better than random sellers


they will reach

in time for X’mas I guess

yeah it’s that long

and this chart explains why

2014.11.28 MySale OZSale how does it work

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