Sunday, January 13, 2013

More KIV X Insider's Tips: First of 2013

Loot of the day

Summarizing an ideal vacation

Hope I get to wear it real soon

beach vacation tank top


The dress that I almost bought

But the zip jus won't give way

I have far too huge boobs,

ya right

but it looked fine, somehow

since some dresses are designed as it it

open back dress

open back dress


But it sparks a new idea


As long as there is a button on the very top

Can always zip the dress

According to how you wanna

Look and feel on that day


Cheryl almost bought something

Not of her usual size

But gave way since it's last piece


But the nice sale person

Actually told us that

Starting from tomorrow

They will have a sale campaign

Where by 2nd piece is 50% off


Then it's okay

We will be back


And regarding the zip

She suggested applying wax on the track


KIV items from previous year

How are them doing?

Some are gone

Some I have changed my mind

Some are no longer with discount


But the Nike C72 tote

I think I still want it badly

so badly that

I think it will look good

With the new beach tank of mine



Oh my

Hope it's still around next week



someone is so into

peachy and red range nowadays

quick quick when noone is seeing


well, that’s what supposedly

what a girl prefers

just that I am weird


look of the day

no, I am just saying

blue tube x denim shorts


that was ideally

this is reality

blue tube x denim shorts.. plus the cardie

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