Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Here X There: Buying, Where?

saw loads ethnic print items at Kun Ming

we are staying in the middle of the old street markets

ethin print bags @ Kun Ming, Yunnan


the refurbished tourism-shopping area

labeled as old street

with streets and streets of small vendors


the only issue was

my bargaining skills are up to nowhere

therefore gave up street shopping

especially when no price tag can be found



I hate this part



most of our souvenirs came from Carrefour

or some other similar supermarkets

no hijack of prices, no counterfeit (I think)


these are mine

anyway who will produce counterfeit M&M’s candy

M&M's China Special Edition


seriously, all the way thousands miles away

and these are what you bought

what to do,

I did not see these special edition back here

and it’s really affordable

costing the same price as the plain edition

M&M's China edition


seriously those so called duty free chocolate at

airport is making me sick

always the same designs

still the sport and famous series

not to mention, the price


local supermarket is the best place to

really find out what local life is all about

and my dad,

he is a fan of the preserved duck, fish,

mushroom, Chinese sausage….

well.. I am fine with it

as long as he is not buying ridiculously a lot

chinese sausage


in major supermarkets, convenience shops

and even bookstores

they do not offer free plastic bags

therefore bring your own shopping bags


it’s a mandatory ban nationwide since 2008

isn’t that kinda good


back home

on the contrary

found my Kungfu canvas shoes with ethnic print

in TESCO hypermarket

canvas shoes with ethnic print


somehow any slip on canvas

no girlie elements

I prefer calling them Kungfu shoes


well… the switch is quite obvious

shouldn’t I buy the M&M’s back home

and the ethnic print in Kun Ming


ha.. whatever it is

as long as I think it’s not bad a deal 


the other version is available on

Clothing site of Tesco UK

saw it too, but of course

in between navy and ethic print

the latter is slightly more unique

but hey,

I got mine for 5 Pounds (RM 25)


Smith & Jones Striped Espadrilles


thanks to this pair of

very canvas-like/light material

butterfly flats

I found the ethnic print

felt a bit sorry and totally ungrateful if

I did not bring them back home too

canvas butterfly flats


and surprisingly

times flies when I was really busy these days

these two pairs are actually

my first and second buy for 2013

and oh, 1st quarter of the year is

coming to an end soon


a good start

should be able to keep my shopping bills

within the budget this time round


keep it down,

the girl who bought funny stuffs at random  places

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