Thursday, October 3, 2013

Accidentally Ahem.. X Walking into H&M: Ended Up Looting’em

this is actually my first visit to

this particular H&M,

the first ever in Kuala Lumpur

which was opened 1 year back, I think

H&M @ Lot 10, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur


it wasn’t even planned

I, actually, wanted to go further down the road

to check out some Quiksilver bags

I spotted on their online store,

which I am dying to have

(there should be a following post

on them pretty soon)


since I was passing by

there was a sale going on

massive flow of crowd in there

such a waste to just walk straight ahead

turning a blind eye to it, right


so I ended up in H&M

so I ended up ransacking at the mark-down area

so I ended up in the fitting room, as you can see


look of the day

or nowadays they call this OOTD

and yeah, with the hash tag

nothing new here,

the little blue dress which was

worn as a long top

royal blue top


I have been looking ups and downs

already diverting my hunt to men’s department

for a neat no-frill white top

and here you go

H&M white top X Roxy Gold Coast Straight Cut Skinny


and I am not kidding you

this is for MYR 10,

which is equivalent to 2 Pounds or

less than USD 4

H&M white top X Roxy Gold Coast Straight Cut Skinny


and this one!!!

navy blue pullover

and this is damn damn comfortable

pure wool material

H&M navy blue knitwear pullover sweater


I have to tell you this

the white top is size 32

while the pullover is right at the other end, size 44

but they go on well

but that’s the thing for pullover/cardigan

buy a more fitting one size

they tend to get looser after

several wear/worn/washed

alright.. so this is how you make use of

two-sided mirrors

H&M navy blue knitwear pullover sweater


the first thing I did when I saw these gems thingy

was to check the seams and thread if

they are actually removable

yes they are!!

I performed countless operation for my clothes

removing these tumorous things 

but I think this time round I gonna let them stay

since it wasn’t that bad, actually

and I could actually tuck the two ends in

the studded sleeves


and another pullover dress

which is like another genre of LBD which

is most welcomed to my LBD collection

H&M black knitwear pullover dress


damn.. I think I am so in love with this mirror

way too long a period

to be absent from fitting-selfie sessions

H&M black knitwear pullover dress


blue-grey chambray shorts

and as you could probably notice

the white top just goes well with everything else



which I was considering of getting one

from men’s department too

blue chambray shorts


but I swear all the items as above

are from female department

thankfully, I didn’t venture to the

men’s and kids departments upstairs

it might be quite dangerous, you see



LOOTs of the day:

everything as above

damn crazy, 4 items for less than MYR 100


I was thrilled, especially after checking the

original price tags

it’s like a 80+ percent marked-down

items original price
marked-down price (MYR)
white top 59.90 10
chambray shorts 79.90 19
blue knitwear 199.00 49
black pullover dress 79.90 15
total 638.4 93


the original version of the storyline

if I didn’t walk into H&M

I will be so so mad

over the otherwise fruitless trip


Roxy billboard poster


and I went on to the other branch at Mid Valley

didn’t manage to find what I want still

so H&M actually saved my day!


I bumped into my sister

no exactly bumping into

I know she was in town

so I texted her saying I gonna be here


so when we were about to meet up

she was saying

“hey come in here, I am in Coach”


I was like so hesitant

Coach… I will feel so out of place in there

damn where to look for them

the sale persons would be staring and scanning

from head to toe

I didn’t show any positive sign of

being a potential customer


thank goodness

she was already done

standing outside Coach

with a big bag


I was like hey look I got these

so so cheap

she was like

nay, your kind of stuffs are not mine


I know right

we not only have this generation gap

there is this stark economic gap

which keep us so far apart


whenever I asked

why did you need all those branded bags for

her answer was quite standard

because it’s a limited edition


it didn’t quite answer my question

but I think they have limited edition

every now and then


and the Prada person was calling

to inform that the blue bag she looking for

was in store already


oh man

that could have bought me

a cart of marked-down H&M,

the two Quiksilver bags I wanted for,

a pair of return tickets to my dream island

and the lodging, the expenses and

probably still have a comfortable balance


I free-rided a lunch from her, by the way

at a Japanese restaurant which

I was like, oh come on

I will walk down the road for the

cheaper alternative at Zanmai

and queue-ing up outside for seats

during lunch hour


there I went on to Mid Valley

train - running in the rain – bus

soaking wet white sneakers

which was good in one way

I have been thinking how to “dirty”fy this pair

because it has pretty thick soles

too clean


so excited over my loots today

indulgence in small surprises like this

make good motivation to move on in life


as I was telling Mag Mag

I have been finding a perfect white top

from Roxy to Mango to Cotton On to Zara to

even Forever 21 which I doubt I will find one


and I just bumped into it

when I wasn’t really on the hunt


the same thing

should apply to the hunt of a

perfect life partner

oh yeah!! 

no longer sad being a SAD

sad-available-desperate, so?

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