Monday, June 14, 2010

What a “Bliss”ful Weekend

Friday got a call from Geok Hoon

asked me whether I am interested in

part time job

Sat n Sun, rm 70 per day

but it’s a round-o-clock promoter job


ok bring it on

i experienced standing in a crowded mall

from 10 am to 10pm before

this is not a new stuff

if i just sit at home on weekend

most probably i will go shopping

and put on more weight due to

weekend indulgence being a potato couch


so here I was last week

at the bus terminal

usually came here with mixed feeling

leaving home, heading to school

but this is a totally different experience

i was here as a yogurt drink promoter


but frankly speaking we were pretty slack

because only two of us, the part-timer

the merchandiser girl left after

we set up the booth


most of the time we just sat around

commenting on the clothing trend

of the by-passers

looking out for hot hunks

you know this is me..

i just like to stare and see the world goes round


but i guess there’s no point “jio”ing people to buy

those interested one would be attracted to

take one step closer to look

all we have to do was to tempt them

with the so-called “special offer”  and gifts


actually the transaction was pretty easy

just 3 rm 10 packages

and if they want to buy individual items

there were just 3 types available


the bus terminal was much comfortable

from what you would have imagined

gangs hanging around… groups of migrant workers..

there were some groups

nope… they didn’t go around creating nuisance and noise

(sorry for this stereotypical comment)

they just hang around among themselves


and due to lesser crowd at night

we went off at 9pm

instead of the typical shopping mall hour at 10


so that’s how i spent my weekend

love it

maybe because the pay is high

and the task is easy

but imagine people working there permanently

life would be boring i guess

salute them

just like the ice-cream job at Igloo

i gave up after one month


hope i got more “lubang” like this to work

extra income

reduced weight

widened job experience

killing three birds with one stone


showcase fridge         loads stock         it's summer

us... the yogurt gurl



more photos from

FB album - What a "Bliss"ful Weekend

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