Thursday, June 17, 2010

Khalil vs Robin: Chalk & Chalker

that guy who replied to my post

that guy who watched A-Team with Khalil

that guy who was part of the Soulboy Kungfu Master crew

that guy whom i want to step into his shoes so so much


it would be great if next time

i can find a colleague cum besty at work


the only thing

can’t believe they are of the same age


follow Robin to get more xtraordinary photos of his good buddy



方大同:other's laugh me too wind sticky, i laugh them open not through

齐乐平: 低B, 一直想說你真的低B... 你給了我.....


K&R Chalk & Chalker rare radiant smile Chalk & Chalker, lunch version Chalk & Chalker, concert version Evian is his fav drink studio version lol.. HSM? this poor boy is so skinny, look at his neck

500 dollar bills, 1,2,3,4,5...Chalk & Chalker, mall version


the one i like the most

so natural



How To Ask for 5 Hundred Dollar Bills / Khalil Fong Robin Chi

and these

4 one hundred dollar bills

(one.. two..three..four…five)



why did Khalil appear more handsome in Red Bean mv?

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