Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Timeless Live on Stage

all i can say is

this is an awesome show

150 mins of Khalil

so so cute


simple black suit

and white sneaker

and a huge plain watch

throughout the concert

all he did was to take off the coat

yet i still think he is the cutest guy ever


tall fair and skinny


with his boyish smile


most of the time

with his eyes closing

concentrating on singing

he is so attentive


really amazed that

he could sing for 150mins

almost none stop

except drinking water

and he didn’t even sweat at all


that shows how much

he was enjoying the show

and so we were


on the other hand

i was thinking

poor boy

wouldn’t he feel tired

he is so so thin


next time round

if he ever come again

or i ever go to see him in HK or where-ever

must grab the VIP seat


hate people who shout during concert

luckily the one sitting beside me

were two civilized aunty and uncle

english spoken

and only recorded the English songs


love you forever boy


quotations of the day

  1. “我們來講講話吧,好開心觀眾來聽我唱歌,這些都是經典歌,那我們……繼續啦。”講了一句那么多的他又接著說:“咦?不記得下首歌叫什么了……”

  2. “這首歌其實有一個故事在裡面,但我今晚不講故事,直接唱啦。”

  3. 很开心来马来西亚开唱,应该很早就来,但现在来也一样。”

  4. “等一下先……”然后转身向后,等他再转过身来时,换上一副墨镜,“扮下Stevie Wonder。”

  5. “知不知道为什么我坐着?因为我要唱一首歌叫《坐着在我脑海里》。”接着唱出《Georgia on my mind 》

  6. “从小就喜欢听Stevie Wonder的歌,最近喜欢听John Mayer。《Aint  no sunshine》是John Mayer翻唱的歌曲,接下来我要翻唱别人翻唱的歌。”

  7. 歌迷:“你好正。”方大同:“你地都好正。”歌迷:“你正好多。”方大同:“你地都正好多。”

  8. “最近去过什么地方?最近来过马来西亚。一定要拍一张照片作纪念。”


photos from www.5g.my & Sinchew.net



image image

image image




my Timeless Photo Album


not very clear

and poor Oly died off half way


full concert coverage



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