Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Curious Case File of Khalil Fong

as mentioned in the previous post

since i been hanging out at T.Sina

i thought i am so so close to Khalil in real person

those cute photos

and the words he wrote



Khalil posted this on

6月12日 22:48


his health meal


then 8 minutes later

6月12日 22:56

R=Robin 他的她=R 的girlfriend A-队=A-Team 南北=东西



all the comments posted

seemed that some people were mystified

by the puzzle he posted

he was in his own wonderland again

i was trying to figure it out too

and yes… got it

i know his language


some people asked

was he talking about the World cup match

featuring Argentina

which was on air when he posted this

and i replied this way

“A-team is that movie.. not Argentina right...”

minutes later i got this

齐乐平 回覆@steph霍捷兒: yeah it's the movie (6月12日 23:03)


oh mine Robin replied to my thread

so happy

although this is not really Khalil

this is the Robin who watched A-Team with Khalil

the one whom he always camwhores with


then i replied again

“thanks.. got the clue from the movie poster you posted… btw how was the movie”

齐乐平 回覆@steph霍捷兒: it was really good!! and it's real funny! (6月12日 23:21)


great i got a conversation with

Khalil’s best friend, Robin

Khalil must have seen the replies

i am such a smart fan


he always posted something

which is beyond the understanding of some viewers

hope he posts something like this everyday

and it really thrills me

to interpret and discover

what he really wants to say

bravo Khalil


it got me so excited

lol… the Khalil mania is beyond recovery already


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another episode i would like to share

he posted this on 6月3日 16:56

"should be able to see it by 11pm"


he really kept his promise

then on 22.24

he posted this



oh my..

he is such a good actor

and later found out

he was the director, script-writer too


and today he changed his profile photo to

the bearded look and posted

Brad Pitt




you are really so so cute

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